SuperYacht Tenting was developed in Mallorca during the 1990's and has since become a flourishing worldwide yacht related industry. The erection of scaffolding around a large yacht, that is then covered with a heavy duty wrapping to give a solid waterproof structure, allows the yacht to be worked on in a dust free, temperature and humidity controlled environment that also results in an eco acceptable working area. Yacht containment systems are mostly used when the yacht is to undergo a refinishing project or major refit. It allows for working 24/7 if required, under most climatic conditions. With the fickleness of yacht paint spraying the use of tenting can be the difference between a perfect finish and one that is not and the down time on an untented yacht could eventually cost many thousands of dollars before a job is finished. It is possible to have only sections of your vessel tented if you are only upgrading the paintwork on a small area of the yacht or a new deck is being laid.